MARCH 6 - APRIL 10 2016

SARDINE is very pleased to present SOMETHING RATHER THAN NOTHING, a solo exhibition by Tim Wilson. The show opens with a reception from 6 to 9pm on Saturday, March 5 and runs through Sunday, April 10, 2016.

SOMETHING RATHER THAN NOTHING consists of a grouping of Wilson’s recent paintings of small floral still lifes and large-scale abstractions. Due in part to their scale, the all-encompassing fields of shifting color gradients in the larger works envelop one's body within a center-less universe, recalling the well-traveled histories of abstraction and the color field. This effect is then quickly undercut by the inclusion of small, deftly rendered flowers that invite an interior contemplation, in the even longer western tradition of nature morte.

“There’s a presence: something about the physicality of the larger paintings in relation to the body that, when viewing the flowers, raises our attention to the physical impressions of optics, which then feeds back into an optical reading rather than the initial experiential reading of the larger pieces and so on. Ironically though, this loop somehow feels auditory to me.”  -Tim Wilson.

This heightened sense of presence and sensory awareness is further amplified by the shifting scale of these micro and macro worlds. While there is a cognitive dissonance in this that relates to notions of the sublime, that dissonance also attempts to be self-corrective by slowing down the viewer in order to allow for a broader reflection on the nature of being.

Tim Wilson was born in Virginia and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Wilson received his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1993 and his MFA from Yale University in 2013. He has had solo shows with Schroeder Romero and 31 Grand in New York and Bucheon Gallery in San Francisco. This is his first show with SARDINE.

SARDINE is located on the ground floor of 286 Stanhope Street, Brooklyn. For more information, please visit sardinebk.com. Contact: Lacey Fekishazy at sardinebk@gmail.com.