STATIC WIRE - A night of dance with Lara Gemmiti & Kate Morales

JANUARY 17 2015

SARDINE is pleased to present STATIC WIRE, a night of dance with Lara Gemmiti and Kate Morales. It will begin at 8 pm on Saturday Jan. 17, with a reception to follow. Doors will open at 7:30 pm.

Our bodies are vessels, which store emotion within different parts. Our mind responds to our bodies’ stored emotion, which then leads our body to its most natural movement. Separately creating movement through structured improvisation, Lara and Kate came together to notice accidental similarities to their bodies’ reactions to feeling. For STATIC WIRE, they are making a conscious effort to only move when both their mind and body felt, simply…happy. A film, which will be projecting over the dancers’ bodies, is to further illustrate the separation and similarities between the two performers and their process. This is part of a collection of solo works that made their debut last July at Sardine and will be performed at The Greenspace’s Fertile Ground in April.

Lara Gemmiti is a dancer, choreographer and director, originally from Toronto, Canada. Lara is interested in movement that is informed through personal experiences, organic interactions and interpersonal relationships. She holds an MFA in Dance from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She has performed and worked with choreographers and companies in New York, Boston and Toronto they include, Jim Marten, (NY) Brook Notary, (NY) dance critic Deborah Jowitt (NY), Beth Soll and Dancers,(Boston) D.A Hoskins, (TO) Andrea Nann, (TO) Robert Glumbeck, (TO) Malgorzata Nowacka, (TO) Ryan Lee (TO) and was a company member of Typecast Dance Company (TO).

Kate Morales is a dancer and choreographer from Los Angeles. She holds a degree in Dance Performance from Cal Arts and has been seen on stage from Venice Beach to downtown LA, the Lower East Side to Midtown Manhattan in performances ranging from burlesque, solo work and site specific performance art. Her non-dance work can be found in print and online in GLASS Quarterly, Broadway World Dance, and xojane and xovain.