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  • 1: The Hesitant Dramaturge - part of Bushwick Exchange Rates 2016

    1: The Hesitant Dramaturge - part of Bushwick Exchange Rates 2016

    Opening Reception: Friday, October 21 from 6 to 9pm

    The Artists: Anthony Discenza,  Anna Solal, Perry Trollope, & Dennis Witkin

    The Actors: the artworks A-J

    The Director: the site, a Sardine

    The Assistant Directors/Stage Managers: the curators, normally used to a kind of autonomy accept a role in a more support capacity, more Scooter than Kermit.

    The Audience: the viewers. 
    Ah yes, but what sort of audience? The theatrical preview crowd of VIPs and critics deciding the fate of the production well before a general audience takes a turn in the dark. Or is it more like a classical audience where everyone knows the story, can join the chorus etc., and yet there is a thrill to having it unfold again before their eyes?

    Curated by Et al./Et al. etc. (Aaron Harbour & Jackie Im) and VI Dancer (Elliott Cost)

    1: The Hesitant Dramaturge is part of Exchange Rates II : The Bushwick Exposition organized by Sluice, Theodore:Art and Centetto. Special Hours for SARDINE are Thursday, October 20 from noon to 6pm, Friday, October 21st from noon to 9pm and Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23 from noon to 6pm. The show will remain up for next two weekends with normal gallery hours through Sunday, November 6, 2016. For more information on the event visit Sluice.

    SARDINE is located on the ground floor of 286 Stanhope Street between Wyckoff and Irving Avenues in Bushwick, Brooklyn, one block from the Dekalb L train and near the Knickerbocker M. For more information, please visit Contact: Lacey Fekishazy at 914.805.1974 or 

    (Image: drawings by Jeffrey Scudder)