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  • Maria Calandra | Pencil in the Studio

    Maria Calandra | Pencil in the Studio

    SARDINE is pleased to present Pencil in the Studio by Maria Calandra. This exhibition is a selection of the drawings that have been featured on her blog, also titled Pencil in the Studio. The show coincides with the two-year mark since the blogs’ conception and will be the first time they have been seen in an extensive survey. The exhibition opens Saturday, May 18th from 6 to 9 pm and will be up through  late June.

    With Pencil in the Studio, Maria Calandra discovers another way to look at the role of the studio in an artist’s development. Featuring the studios of some of the most dynamic emerging and established artists working today, her drawings are focused on being anthropological studies of her contemporaries. She usually spends an entire day with them drawing, observing, talking and writing. Not only does she render their works, supplies, and source materials, but she also hones in on what makes each of them naturally distinctive. Paintings in progress are stacked on paint cans, brushes are scattered about, pets hang out, and detritus piles up. It’s a humble exploration and exoneration of the present and a sweet vision of the studio as a location for the practice of success and failure.

    The artists that she has featured in the series thus far: Andy Cross, Ariel Dill, Chris Martin,
    Christine Heindl, Chuck Webster, Daniel Heidkamp, EJ Hauser, Elisa Lendvay, Erik den Breejen,
    Inna Babaeva, Ivin Ballen, Jay Gaskill, Jess Fuller, JJ Manford, Joe Ballweg, Jon Lutz, Joshua Abelow, Jovi Schnell, Joy Curtis, Karla Wozniak, Katherine Bradford, Katherine Newbegin, Kees den Breejen, Kelly McRaven, Keltie Ferris, Lauren Luloff, Liz Ainslie, Matt Jones, Marnet Larson, Michael Berryhill, Michael Mahalchick, Mike Olin, Rob Nadeau, Ron Amstutz, Sarah Mattes, Tamara Gonzales, and
    Vince Contarino.  

    Maria Calandra lives and works in Brooklyn. She is a graduate of Cornell University MFA program and has exhibited with Norte Maar, Daily Operation, DNA Gallery, Shoot the Lobster and Storefront.

    See Pencil in the Studio online at: