Matthew Mahler | Masters of the Fine Arts & Remasters

Matthew Mahler ‒ Masters of the Fine Arts & Remasters


SARDINE is pleased to present Masters of the Fine Arts, a solo exhibition by Matthew Mahler. The show opens Saturday, September 7 from 6 to 9pm and will be up through October 6th.

The body of work in Masters of the Fine Arts represents a point where Matthew Mahler began making drastic changes and taking chances with the way he made paintings. Moving beyond commonplace abstraction, he explores image making that goes beyond the one note and into more idea-focused narratives. Overlaying internet and art jargon over lush dyed canvases, the work is in part a commentary on language and being an artist today. At the same time, they are beautiful, tongue and cheek, and fantastical, beyond pushing an agenda. Ultimately, they are reflections of the surprises that can happen when an artist breathe's in, takes a step back, looks around, then jumps into the unknown.

Please join us for Matthew Mahler - Remasters, a closing party and re-imagining of Matthew's current solo show Masters of the Fine Arts. For the closing weekend, we'll be providing a second take on the show by completing rearranging it and also hanging more work.