Sheldon Sean Moyer | Death of a Ladies’ Man

Sheldon Sean Moyer Death of a Ladies’ Man

MARCH 9 - APRIL 7 2013

SARDINE is pleased to present Death of a Ladies’ Man by Sheldon Sean Moyer. The show opens Saturday, March 9 from 6 to 10pm and will be up through April 7.

Death of a Ladies’ Man is an installation that acts as a personal compendium. Moyer brings together a seminal work from early childhood, a fountain that –while beautiful and meticulously made- will inevitably deteriorate, and a painting representative of his studio practice. In considering the Sardine space, he has also intervened with the atmosphere and layout of the space in other ways, all of which can best be seen when visiting. On the occasion of this exhibition, Moyer will also produce a limited edition book.

Sheldon Sean Moyer lives and works in Brooklyn. In the past few years, he has shown with Daily Operation, BRIC Rotunda Gallery, Mike Rollins Fine Art, and WILDLIFE.